Blandine Bardeau

"For me, On Leadership was about choosing a life of vision, and about standing on my own two feet. In a way, it wasn’t so much about the vision itself, rather the commitment I made to take care of it, and the courage to say "this is who I am, this is my vision in the world" and to trust myself and the world enough to know that I have permission. And the only one that can give myself permission is me: now isn’t the time to wait for others to decide. "

Gavin Wilshen

"I was drawn to participating in the iEvolve programme after going through a period of change in my career. I'd noticed a disconnect between what I was doing day-to-day and where my passions lay. My heart was no longer in my work, family life had become a burden and I needed reinvigorating. Despite being initially sceptical about what I might get from taking part, I found the course thoroughly engaging and I experienced a deep connection with the other participants – well beyond my expectations. I left the course on a natural high – it was very strange but most agreeable. Ultimately, iEvolve has helped me to recalibrate and has set me on a path of new possibility. Whilst essentially I remain the same person in the same predicament, I have been able to loosen the shackles of how I see myself in the world and can begin to dream new possibilities."

Charlotte Hopper
Service Manager

"HeartSpace was an incredibly moving programme. It took me to some much deeper places in terms of my feelings about my parents, and showed me more than I was expecting about myself. I released pain, sadness, love and lostness... The programme was magical, it created a massive change quite immediately, and yet months later I feel like I am only just beginning to see the difference it has made."

Carissa Bub
Executive and Team Coach, Podcast Host, Speaker

""I came to iEvolve looking for a breakthrough that would progress an on-going commitment to become a more conscious being, capable of making a real contribution to others and thus living a life worth living. The three day and one evening event was exquisitely run. I felt nurtured and nourished from head to toe by the content, food and group I participated with, whilst importantly having the space and stillness to safely let go. What happened next might be best described as touching bliss. Something shifted inside, an opening emerged and has remained. I feel less gripped by life and the experience of committing to my life making a difference deepened. Priorities have changed and life is a little more effortless. I highly recommend iEvolve to anyone who wants to expand their consciousness and is tired of how they are living life.""

Susanne Roche-Iles

"I had a very moving experience of the iEvolve programme. I wanted to feel that breakthrough in my body so I enrolled in the Foundation Course. The course placed a focus on our day to day way of being in life, a new type of awareness which really became my life. During the 10 weeks of the programme I began to create a new relationship with myself and my body. The programme was a roller-coaster of emotions; deep and profound in the beautiful company and safety of a group. Having completed the course I feel I am a bigger person in my own life with a new relationship to my body - I couldn’t recommend the course more highly. "

Blandine Bardeau
Artist, Macrobiotic Health Coach & Cook

"Participating on The Foundation Course at Concord Institute has created a new space for me to be in my life I didn’t know was possible. Through practising the disciplines of bodywork, wholefoods cooking and rigorous self-enquiry, a quiet yet powerful energy was being fed throughout the three months of the programme, a new kind of strength inside my belly I can tangibly feel. I feel that I can live from my heart in a way that wasn’t accessible to me before, and I have more energy to be able to bring into reality the dreams that live inside of me. Above all, I have the tools I need to support and sustain those dreams. Now is the time."

Lumi Thring
Shiatsu Practitioner & Taiko Drummer

""My friend invited me to iEvolve when I was in a really tough place in my life. Health issues were affecting my ability to work and I was in a relationship that wasn’t serving me. Underlying this was a deeper question that was always there and occupied a large chunk of my time and energy was “why am I here in this life and what on earth am I doing?!”. iEvolve was a place that I could bring all of that to the table, discover a new relationship with my health, relationship and these questions. I experienced a sense of freedom. I remember, on the Monday after the weekend, walking in the woods and experiencing how alive everything was and knowing that, whatever this work was, I needed to continue to take on my life and get underneath the stories and narratives that had a deep hold on me. Nearly five years on, I can honestly say that participating in iEvolve has placed me more fully in my life and able to engage with what life brings." "

Johan Bogaerts
Vice-President, Marketing

"Reading a book or going to a therapist can, if you are lucky, help you understand who we are, how we function. What made JumpStart unique is that in one week, not only did I understand transformation with my modern mind, I also experienced it with my total body. Empowered by the group conversations, the food and the bodywork sessions, I was able to open my heart. The experience helped make a fundamental and sustainable shift in my life; towards myself, my family and work. JumpStart made me feel true transformation - true love, during the course and still today. My thanks to all who made this wonderful experience and shift in my life possible. "

Susanne Roche-Iles

"I learned so much about the brain and how we perceive in On Leadership, and yet the course was so much more than facts and learning. I have actually found my vision... and it is now showing up in my daily life. After the course I felt open and available to life, and things started changing without me doing anything!"

Galina Petkova
Traditional Acupuncturist

"It took me few minutes to make the decision to do iEvolve. I didn't know what exactly it was but I felt there was something which I want to experience. After iEvolve I felt much more connected to the existence of wholeness, and being part of an amazingly flexible reality. I feel like I always had these concepts of life deep inside me, but I was not aware them.... I feel awakened. "

Deborah Murphy-Smith
Senior Service Manager

"Being Here, Present Now was an extraordinary experience: transformation in the body experientially, and powerfully. I valued the space and time to connect deeply with who I am being. The technique of cultivating one's own awareness as it is unfolding, with minimal guidelines and structure, is so simple: but a challenging process. Following the programme, I have felt a deep desire to keep in relationship with what I experienced, in my work, personal relationships, and ongoing training in transformation."

Anna Legaspi
Financial Services

"My coach created a space where it was possible to access what is within me, whether I liked it or not. I am ever so thankful that my coach was available and present for me. He did a remarkable job and I truly felt his intention to assist and guide my transformation. Because of him, I found out that what I really knew about myself is only a part of who I am. I had access to something far greater than myself and my coach opened the door to this world. "

Jane Penfold
Social Worker

"I was resistant to signing up for iEvolve for a long time....when a friend talked about Concord I was sceptical.… How wrong I was, and how I underestimated Concord! I took part in iEvolve and then a number of other programmes, I experienced changes in myself which were subtle but profound. I can see I am now much more content and at peace with life, and much happier. I have some distance on issues, and I have discovered myself to be considerably more resilient and tolerant of stress than ever before. I feel very grateful and lucky that I have had the opportunity to do this work and that Concord is there. I would encourage anyone reading this to trust and sign up!"

Dan Sherlock

"Being Here Present Now was a powerful experience, unlike anything else I’ve done. It totally shook me up. I am still present to the huge amount of energy that was freed up that weekend; it was like a clearing out. The course gave me more freedom to be in the moment. In the weeks after the programme some big decisions came up, and I credit the course for shaking those out. "

Maike Lehmann Sander

"My coach was amazing. She was totally committed, trustworthy and fully present at every second of our phone calls. Her style of communication was clear and honest. She pointed out things to me which nobody else had done so far in this way. Getting away from myself was impossible with her! This amount of rigour wasn't always easy for me... but truly beneficial and constructive. "

Ales Marek
web developer, Tensegrity facilitator

"The effect of participating in Power, Intent and Evolution was a profound one. I came out of the programme, especially the first time around, with all my senses amplified and having a clear vision for the year ahead of me. The programme took me on a magical journey. As I got more clearing inside me thanks to the dialogue sessions, I started experiencing strong visions and impulses. Thanks to the top level leadership of the facilitator my visions got grounded into a real life tools that I took home with me. This is a programme which I participated in twice. I liked the outcome so much, and I also wanted to peak behind the scenes a bit, that I took part in the production of the event on two other occasions. "

Lisa Gepheart
Teaching Assistant

"I have a lot more energy since taking part in the yoga series and it has been easier to deal with stressful situations. "

Barbara Grantham
ONS Study Worker

"I have had painful issues with my hip and back since March this year, which made me very nervous about embarking on any bodywork at all. I am so glad that I have taken part in two of the series and have now enrolled for a third. My participation has greatly contributed to my healing. The teacher has a depth of experience and brings a gentle energy to his teaching. I feel very supported in the classes."

Zoe Moyers

"What an amazing few days on Being in Business! David Norris is a magician and I felt completely supported by the group, I couldn’t have been in safer hands. I released some old energy stuck in the past - for as long as I can remember I’ve had a sense of disconnection from others. I now feel so integrated and I have an amazing connection with people without trying, it is a beautiful experience. I am coming from a more open, connected and relaxed place and I am so very grateful to David and Concord."

Raphy Mendoza
Brand Strategist and Graphic Designer

"As a coach, I was an ally who walked alongside my coachees, looking at areas where they were wasting energy or not being fully responsible in their lives. To hold another accountable for what they say they’re going to do meant also holding myself accountable. My experience of being a coach was that it was a great privilege. Standing for another person's dreams also allowed me to stand for the fulfilment of my own dreams. "

Tim Crowther

"Whereas iEvolve cracks open the seed, The Foundation Course provides a hot house for it to grow and gain strength. It is a highly practical programme that nourishes body, mind and heart and breaks up fixed patterns of being and thinking. Having a coaching call each week allows you to uncover in detail your way of being and keeps you on track to make significant and healing differences in your life and relationships. And the rich soil of this hothouse is also comprised of the other participants - journeying with an aligned, loving and non-judgmental group is extremely powerful."

Paul Byers
Sales Director

"Coaching is a commitment to making a difference in someone’s life. As a coach at Concord, I have experienced the extraordinary privilege of working with people and listening to them open up about the realities of their life. All the coaches I have worked with at Concord have been motivated by a sense of being of service, and in so being of service they get to work on the challenges that they themselves face. It is only through putting our personal selves to one side that we can truly coach another. That training is what sustains our own development and access to power in making and seeing the world the way we wish it to be. "

Danny Schmulevitch
Environmental Facilitator

"The Foundation Course was an adventure of inquiry and discovery about the nature of the mind and the heart. It brought me great presence, open-heartedness and authenticity - not merely for myself, but in connection with those I love. It also brought me a greater acceptance, calm and stability within the turmoil of my everyday life, and deepened all the practices that support my wellbeing. Thank you Concord and all involved. "

Laura Muresan

"iEvolve sounded like a nice idea as I have always been interested in growing. I said yes, signed up, and then an overwhelming fear came upon me “What have I done?!” Yet, there was an inner trust in my own instinct. I knew I had made the right call, and the moment I said yes things started showing up. By the time iEvolve started I realised I had a lot at stake; my life was running in a circle, same outcomes, different people, having yet another relationship end similar as the other ones, having others show up in my life the same over and over again, feeling powerless and not being able to have a say. The programme shifted my perspective and transformation became a huge part of my life. I now see multiple possibilities where once I saw only one. I feel more aware of who I am and where I am coming from. What I realised afterwards was that one of the main reasons I said yes was because I saw a presence in the person who invited me. They had a “being there now, available” that I wanted for myself. I am deeply grateful to the person who shared iEvolve and Concord Institute with me. It is a gift to be shared forward."

Charlotte Delaney
Marketing Director

"These yoga classes are different from others I have undertaken previously. I especially like the pace and the time given for each pose and the rest period between. I feel much calmer after the classes, and I've noticed my energy levels increased slightly the day after the class. "

Sarah Williams
Media professional

"Before I did the Mastery programme, I would have never called myself a cook. I always wanted to have access to the kitchen and cooking, but actually found the kitchen confusing and difficult. Participating in the Mastery programme has completely transformed this. The relationship I have with cooking now has reached a depth that I have never experienced before, I have an understanding and am able to be in the kitchen in a way I never thought I could. Cooking is now something that can be joyful, experimental and alive. I can approach the kitchen without knowing and just create, which is truly a gift."

Selina Farnfield

"I wasn't expecting to get as much out of The Foundation Course the second time around. But it works a strange magic, and even more emerges and is revealed, leading me further down the road of transformation. Through the generous sharing of my fellow participants, the support of my coach and the grounding of the bodywork and cooking, I have established a deeper connection with my body, and a greater discernment of the patterns that are trying to run my life. I have a strong foundation on which to base further self-discovery and open myself to greater possibilities."

Sonja Dorau

"When I decided to do the iEvolve programme I had reached a point in my life where I felt that I couldn’t just keep going on as I used to. Even though I was in a good place after engaging in therapy, I feared that this could change for the worse again and felt quite tense sometimes. I wanted to gain consciousness about my actions and decisions, so I decided to give Concord a go. iEvolve was an incredibly intense experience. By the end of it I felt that sharing myself, and the whole experience of the programme with a group of people helped to lift the pressure I put myself under. I no longer feel like I live in a bubbly prison that I can’t escape. I feel free to take important life decisions, and am no longer constantly questioning whether it is actually me deciding or if I am being forced into situations by random circumstances or patterns."

Mike Lim

"The Foundation Course really helped me appreciate my body and its needs. I found that if I threw myself in to everything on offer that I felt very well and stopped getting caught up in everyday issues and the normal worries that go through my head. It was a joy to be with others who’ve made a similar commitment to looking at and working with their everyday lives. After finishing the course, I have fundamentally changed my attitude towards food and looking after my body. "

Raphy Mendoza
Brand Strategist and Designer

""I came to participate on iEvolve, somewhat recognising that my experiences of life (particularly around relationships, work and wellbeing) was repetitive - I was complaining about the same stuff all the time. I could see that I was the common denominator, but I couldn't see what I was doing to have my life be how it was. During the programme, I experienced a moment of profound clarity where I was able to see myself in action in my life. Then came a shift from the experience of life as 'happening to me', to that of life being something that I create each day. Standing somewhere where life is a co-creation in which I'm an active part, I feel a greater responsibility and ownership for the life that I do have. By no means is my life now suddenly instagrammable – and nothing is fixed - but I can legitimately call it my own.""

Anna Halsall
Support Worker

"Being Here, Present Now is an opportunity to stop, quieten, to pause everyday life; and to use that space to get present to who and what is there in each of us. It was an incredibly powerful experience, and after the programme there was space for life to re-emerge. Space to connect with, to speak into existence some unexpressed dreams. What was in the way was now on the table, and whispered dreams could be placed alongside it with honesty. This programme is about being here from the inside out; acknowledging our true self and allowing that to be in the world. "

Louisa Chowen
Service Manager

"My coach was intuitive, sensitive and fierce in her clarity. She felt like my mother tiger when I was lost and scared, needing someone to be brave and strong to help me roar. I trusted her completely with my well-being and desire for me to be truly free. Anyone who gets the chance to experience some powerful committed coaching will not forget it. "

Jane Penfold
Social Worker

"HeartSpace has made me much more aware of life’s opportunities and riches than ever before - my life is exciting at a level that I didn’t imagine possible. I feel more able to tolerate high levels of stress in my life, and I have a new ability to take things in my stride. I also have more emotional energy and much more compassion - in particular for my mother and sister."

Dana Luftmanova
Operations Analyst

"The Mastery of Cooking offered an invaluable insight into possibilities of wholefood cooking, approaches to flavour combinations and responsibility required to do justice to the ingredients. It also showed me what it means to truly work together, joined in creation and transformation of the cooking process. Jean's enthusiasm and knowledge enriched my understanding of wholefood cooking principles, which allowed me to bring more joy and freedom into my daily cooking experience."

Niall Allen

"I felt lighter and a lot more flexible after the class. I have found myself practicing on a daily basis which I am finding very beneficial. It feels like I am working parts of my body I haven't worked before."

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