Cooking is an act of creation. The cook transforms the coarse material of foods into finer elements.

For the nourishment of the body to become that of the soul; the cook must be aware of the sacred dimension of cooking, that a kitchen is a sacred space, that cooking is like performing a series of rituals, in order to give and honour life.

The cook must develop a kind of listening, insights and exercise discrimination as they choose and start to arrange foods according to season, weather or time of the day when food is to be served. As they prepare the meal, they must be aware that the result of this work will enter the bodies of others and transform into energy, vitality, joy, spirit.

Choosing to participate in Concord Institute cooking programmes is certainly an invitation to go beyond the limited sensory dimension of eating, or simply acquire more skills and learn a few new recipes. It is also to enter the domain of transformation where, with patience and discrimination, we can be of service to life.

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If you would like to explore your own experience around food and transformation, you can find out more about our forthcoming culinary programmes here. 

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